Guided by the vision of Central African Republic’s President, Central African Development Company has created the African Resources Coin backed by fiat in deposit account, the natural resources of the country and supported by its own economy in which it has acceptance. Now individuals worldwide can secure their wealth from looming inflation and gain more from the resources of Africa.

Join the "Gold Rush"

1 USD Per Coin

One to one ratio with USD. 10 AFRE is the minimum purchase

The cryptocurrency that can ONLY increase in value!

What is African Resources Coin?

The government of Central African Republic is making monumental moves and causing global headlines as it legalized cryptocurrency with plans to digitize the economy. Central African Development Company has created the African Resources coin (AFRE) to give the world the opportunity to participate. AFRE is a cryptocurrency (ERC20 token). While investing in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherium is speculative and highly risky, with AFRE that high risk is eliminated as it is based on funds held in deposit, in-ground assets of the country, minerals in safekeeping, and is ready usable within a commercial system. Since your funds used to exchange remains as a secured deposit, the value of AFRE will never drop below that amount. Which basically means ; YOU CAN’T LOSE!

Central African Republic’s cryptocurrency initiative is making headlines!

Guaranteed Stability

Note that the AFRE includes a bank guarantee of redemption for the initial purchase cost during the offering. The fiat used to purchase will be kept in reserve in a deposit account. 

Governmental Support

Labeled as “the Crypto President”, Central African Republic’s President and government supports cryptocurrency unlike many governments that oppose it. President Faustin-Archange Touadéra has a plan to digitize the country.

Social Impact

The sole purpose of AFRE is to change the economic condition of the common people by utilizing THEIR natural resources. Central African Development Company gives trust beneficiary shares to the citizens who will receive social dividends in the cryptocurrency.

Future of Money

The whole world depends on the natural resources that supports AFRE. Besides gold and other precious minerals that support and can be bought by AFRE, it represents new strategic minerals such as lithium that is required for batteries as the world shifts to electric cars.

gold globe

World Value ProtectionAvoid Economic Collapse

The looming world economic collapse is common knowledge among economists. Even the World Economic Forum, which consists of entities that caused the crisis, has planned a “Great Reset”. The current global economic giants (nations and corporations) have built their financial base from African resources. It is now time to “bank” on African resources once again but in a mutually beneficial way.

Funds used to buy AFRE are deposited and guaranteed by our financial institution partners as Central African Development Company increases precious metal reserves, assists the government in developing industry and digitizing the economy all of which actually drives the value of the currency up.

AFRE holders can purchase gold from Central African Development Company for the spot price minus 5%.

We Are Digitizing The Economy

The ultimate goal of AFRE is the decentralized digitization of the economy while making the wealth of Africa’s resources available to the African people and those who participate, all within a sustainable environment.

Imagine your wealth being at your fingertips while even increasing in value.

Benefit from AnywhereAfrica Is Spreading Abundant Natural Wealth

The government of Central African Republic encourages cryptocurrency usage and has passed legislation that makes AFRE legal to use. The whole world will be able to purchase products from Central African Republic including precious minerals.


trillion USD of natural resources leveraged


billion potential beneficiaries worldwide

1 AFRE price


ICO Goal


Road To Prosperity

Stategy Development Central African Development Company directors met with Central African Republic government officials, including Minister of Mines & Petroleum and Minister of Energy, to discuss and plan on development of and investment in the country’s natural resources.
February 2022
Legal Framework Established Central African Development Company established legal framework and necessary licensing to engage in mining and economic development projects.
March 2022
$7 Trillion Capitalization Central African Development Company officials met with the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Major Works and Strategic Investments to assay and prioritize areas of investment. The government has availed over $7 trillion in asset capitalization for security.
Government Legalizes AFRE The government of Central African Republic passed landmark cryptocurrency legislation making AFRE legal as a tender in the country.
April 2022
Coin Offering A Pre-sale will be launched giving interested parties an opportunity to purchase early with  significant benefits.
July 2022
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

AFRE "League"The AFRE team consists of international bankers and financiers, economists and governmental development experts from Central African Development Company of Central African Republic, and experts in the field of cryptocurrency. This endeavor is so monumental that we actually have a "team of TEAMS" working for the same objective. This "LEAGUE" is both highly qualified and visionary because "where there is no vision, the people perish".

How to Buy AFRE

Start: July 1, 2022, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $7trillion
Soft cap: $1billion
Token: AFRE
Exchange rate: 1 USD = 1 AFRE
Project protocol: ERC20


Payment Methods

AFRE Contract Address

The following address is for the AFRE token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Leveraged Resources

While funds used to purchase AFREs are kept reserved in a deposit account, vast natural resources (in-ground assets and in safe-keeping) are being leveraged to grow your wealth as a holder of AFRE.

  • 75% Gold

  • 10% Diamonds

  • 10% Various Minerals

  • 5% Petroleum

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the official ICO definition, ICO stands for an initial coin offering. This way of fundraising functions like an Initial Public Offering (IPO), where companies sell stock to raise funds. Only in the case of ICOs, the company sells digital tokens that gain real value once the project is launched.
An ICO crypto is the currency that's projected to have value once the project exits its pre-launch phase. Until that moment comes, ICO crypto exists in the form of a token.
Bitcoin is speculative while AFRE is stable as it is backed by funds on deposit guaranteed by a bank and natural resources like gold which causes an increase in value when the reserves in stock increase. AFRE is supported by its own economy in which you can purchase goods and services. Bitcoins value can rise or fall based on demand while AFRE can only rise.
Both cryptocurrencies are secured by fiat deposits that protect the holders from loss, but AFRE has an added benefit. It is not "pegged" to the fiat currency in deposit like Tether and is guaranteed to increase in value as mineral and fiat reserves increase due to the economic activity created by the coin's ecosystem.
To participate in the AFRE ICO hit the buy button and follow the instructions. You can purchase AFRE with fiat or cryptocurrency.
The AFRE ICO is a worldwide ICO and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s up to the purchaser to check locally whether or not they can invest. As of now there are no restrictions in the United States. i
Since AFRE is part of a digital commerce ecosystem, it will be able to make purchases within that system and make exchanges outside of it as it grows in usage globally. Once an AFRE has been issued, it can be transferred, stored, spent, etc just like Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. After 1 year holders can exchange for fiat currency from the AFRE exchange if not sooner from other exchanges as expected.